Quality Meat Products Wholesaler in Pennsylvania

Farmers from organic farm products in Pennsylvania know enlightened consumers want to make more ethically-based choices about the meat they buy. Today’s consumers are concerned about supporting both humane husbandry and sustainable agriculture practices which place a high value on quality of life and land. The meat bought at the grocer’s meat counter can be confusing. Words like natural, farm fresh, and even organic in reference to meat animals does not necessarily equate with humane husbandry. Quality Meat Products Wholesaler in Pennsylvania   provides the members an alternative to purchasing commercially farmed meat. Spend a bit more if necessary on meats produced sustainable and ethically. Farmers have taken on the responsibility, extra cost, and effort to treat animals rose for our consumption with respect, and compassion.

At The Meat Suppliers in Pennsylvania they sell premium grass-fed and pastured meats for customers that are looking for wholesome, ethically raised products and works with various farms to source our high quality products that meet our strict guidelines. No hormones or antibiotics are ever used and offer many different types of meat, from beef to lamb. The beef it offers comes from cattle that are raised on pasture and graze on a diverse mix of grasses. Even in the winter, the animals are out on pasture, eating on grass that has been stockpiled throughout the previous season.

The cattle only ever consume grass. At no point in their life do they ever consume grains, including corn. They are 100% grass-fed and grass finished. Natural pork comes from pigs that live outdoors that root and wallow every day. The pigs get moved regularly from paddock to paddock so they have fresh ground, acorns, nuts, grubs, weeds, and grasses along with a non-GMO grain feed to supplement their diet. Fresh water is always available and wallows to help the pigs keep cool are also part of the landscape. pigs get to live in a pig paradise, which is the way it should be. The flavor of the meat is more pronounced due to their varied diet. Quite a difference from the colorless, lackluster, and tasteless fare found in supermarkets with a spongy texture that signals factory raised pork to the discerning consumer.

Thus mission of quality meat products wholesaler in Pennsylvania is to forge a direct connection between chefs and farmers to improve the lives of the people and animals that feed us.